In the essay, briefly introduce the person or company who is the recipient of the social media shaming.



Essay #3: So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed

For this essay of 3-4 pages (3 full pages, minimum), I’d like you to write an essay with the following requirements:

In the essay, briefly introduce the person or company who is the recipient of the social media shaming.

Then, give a brief summary of what happened that resulted in said social media shaming.

Next, describe the fallout for the person or company as a result of the social media shaming.

Finally, spend the rest (the majority) of your time analyzing why, or why not, the social media shaming, and consequences for the person or company was justified. You should spend at least 1-2 paragraphs of decent length discussing your thoughts/analysis on whether the consequences were justified…acceptable, or not.

Important: Your essay must focus on a person who was notdiscussed in Jon Ronson’s So You’ve Been Publicly ShamedRonson already discusses those folks at length, so your essay should focus on discussing a different victim of public shaming

Include in the essay at least three direct quotes from Jon Ronson’s So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed that relate to the example of the person or company that you discuss in the essay. Be sure to provide some analysis/explanation as to how the quote relates to your example. Basically, provide some context linking the quotes you use to the example you write about.You’ll probably have to do some research, but you do not have to have a Works Cited page for the assignment. That said, be sure that you use direct quotes from sources when necessary. Basically, don’t copy and paste information that would result in plagiarism issues.

Advice: Probably the best examples to use would be ones, like the examples in So You Have Been Publicly Shamed, where the fallout for the person or company was fairy severe.

Below is a list of some people who have been publicly shamed, as well as a couple of links to articles mentioning advertisements by companies that were shamed for their content. You may, of course, find a different example. These are just some options from which to choose. Also, you may have to Google some more information on these stories in order to get a fuller picture of how and why they were shamed:

• Victor Paul Alvarez: Fired for a joke in an opinion piece about a poisoning death threat against House Speaker John Boehner
• Adam Mark Smith: Was rude to a Chick-Fil-A worker in a video placed on YouTube. He had to sell his house and move to a new city.
• Aaron Schlossberg: Berated customers who were speaking Spanish at a restaurant.
• Alison Ettel: Called the police on an 8-year-old African American girl for selling bottled water without a permit.Became known as “Permit Patty.”
• Monica Lewinski: Had a much publicized affair with President Bill Clinton.
• Juli Briskman: Flipped off Donald Trump’s motorcade while bicycling next to it.
• Peter Cvjetanovic: Became a poster boy for white supremacists when a photo of him angrily shouting at a rally went viral. 
• Walter J. Palmer: Was part of killing Cecil the Lion during a trophy hunt.
• Taylor Chapman: Took a video berating Dunkin’ Donuts employees. Committed suicide a few years later
• Paul Christoforo: Poor customer service for a video game company that escalated quickly.
• Mary Bale: Woman caught on video throwing a cat into a trash dumpster
• Yang DacaiWas photographed smiling at a traffic accident that killed 36 people.
• Here is a link to a website of “The Top 8 Most Recent Controversial Ads”. You can take a look at them, and Google them for more information:
• Some more company ads that missed the mark:

This is the above essay which we have to do in MLA for

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