Your company manufactures a number of different Plexiglas products for a range of retail, medical and agricultural applications.



Assignment Overview

will write an analytical report based on the following information. 

Your company manufactures a number of different Plexiglas products for a range of retail, medical and agricultural applications. You market throughout North America using a team of six field salespeople and four in-house salespeople. Last year sales were $3 million to 120 different clients representing all noted sectors.

Until now your company has used an in-house contact management solution comprised of a combination of Excel spreadsheets and Google forms. This has never been an ideal solution and your boss has approached your team to evaluate four different CRM solutions and make a recommendation on which one the company should purchase.

You've done your research, evaluated and identified four CRM programs: Salesforce and three others. You now need to write a report evaluating each of these.

You will be assessed on your achievement of the following course learning outcomes:

Apply persuasive communication techniques to communicate a message to a target audience. 

Estimated completion time: Approximately six hours.


Analytical Report: 

 your task is to prepare an analytical report evaluating each of the four CRM programs you've investigated and presenting your boss with a detailed evaluation highlighting each program’s features and benefits, cost, functionality and flexibility, with emphasis on how each can positively impact the company's sales performance and efficiency. As its name suggests, an analytical report presents a detailed and careful analysis of data gathered through the research methods employed by the report’s authors. 

The report will contain a graphic representation comparing the metrics of the four solutions.

Your report should be a Word file, a minimum of two pages, prepared in 12pt Arial or Calibri, in memo format, using flawless grammar, spelling and punctuality. It should include a Word table comparing the benefits and features of all four CRM programs investigated.  You must end your report with a conclusion recommending the CRM program you think your company should purchase.

Lastly, after completing the report, create a PowerPoint presentation. 

Instruction Files

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