In writing this research proposal about Harriet Tubman

general article writing


How did Harriet Tubman escape slavery herself and how did she help others to do

the same?

In writing this research proposal about Harriet Tubman, the narrow focus of the paper

should focus on,

1. Identity of Harriet Tubman. This includes stating where she was born and her original name

at birth. For example she was born in 1822 in Maryland. She was an abolitionist and


2. The next point should focus at the political, social and economic conditions during her

time. For instance, at her time, slavery was so high at the southern states. Blacks were

racially abused and were whipped several times by their white masters. These factors made

life so hard for African Americans.

3. What actually convinced her to escape? The fear of being sold to another mater made her

resolve to escape. Her master had died and she feared the worst that could have come of her

new owner.

4. She therefore resolved to escape with the help of underground railroads to North in 1849.

5. I will make a website about Harriet Tubman. I will write information in separate sections



b)Political/Social/Economic conditions

c)What made her escape slavery?

d)How she helped others escape slavery?

These will include pictures of that time with explanation.

(Since I would not buy the website, I will thinking to take the screen shot of the

website that I made)

.How did she help other slaves escape?

.First, she made a plan to help the slaves escape at night. This could help her in escaping

from the wrath of slave catchers.

.Secondly, she had used the underground railroads and so it as a fine root to ferry blacks to

the north and Canada. (Freedom)

.Thirdly, she popularly became known as Moses for her act of delivering Africans to

freedom. She was however strict as she at times threatened to shoot the people who wanted

to turn back. She would tell them you either become free or die a slave.


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