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Information Technology Communication  


1. Your project must reflect the Scenario described below; you may nonetheless invent any details you think

necessary. While fictitious, those details must be plausible within the context of the scenario and of your

overall project.

2. Your project must comprise three files: two word-processed documents that I will open in MS Word

2010 or 2016, and a set of slides that I will open in MS PowerPoint 2010 or 2016.

3. The files’ contents are described under Project Content, below.


N.B. This scenario is, in part, a “Canadianized” derivation of material in your textbook.

You are a systems analyst, working as a Consulting Associate in the Vancouver office of Accelerated

Enterprises Ltd. (AEL), a consulting firm actually headquartered in Winnipeg. AEL has now been

approached by Radisson Automobiles Incorporated (RAI), for whom AEL has done previous work.

RAI: Background

Headquartered in Ottawa, and with locations in Halifax, Moncton, Montreal, Winnipeg, Regina, and

Vancouver, RAI is a successful automobile dealership chain. Its President and Chief Executive Officer is

Gilles Radisson, the son of the company’s founder. He holds an Automotive Service Technician certificate

from BCIT, and an MBA from the University of Toronto. He also has a reputation as a tough, workaholic

micro-manager, known to wield a sometimes heavy hand. Nonetheless, he is highly capable, having built his

father’s original small Ottawa dealership into a highly profitable national network. RAI: Organization

RAI’s organization chart appears as Figure 1 on the following page:

Figure 1: RAI Organization Chart

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