International Business.



Research Project International Business

The project will focus on the new market entry activities of an

organization during the last five years. New market entry activities

refers to either entering a new country/market, or an organization

offering a new product or service. Market entry can refer to various

activities such as exporting, licensing, franchising, or foreign direct

investment. You’ll be required to select the following geographical

choices: Japan, China, India, other Asia, Australia, Western

Europe, Mexico, the United States, South Africa, other Africa,

Latin America, or Brazil.

Should make sure that the information you will need is available

prior to asking for a choice as once you are approved there will be

no changes.

The following issues are expected to be addressed both in your

paper and presentation:

1) An overview of the firm and product.

2) The type of international market entry.

3) The organizations rationale for that market entry choice.

4) A review of the preparatory steps undertaken by the


5) A discussion of the cultural differences encountered by the


6) A discussion of the problems, opportunities and

competition. (SWOT analysis and Conversion Matrix

should be included)

7) An evaluation of the results of the market entry effort.

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