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Im stuck on my paper. I've attached what I have so far below but my professor is saying I am missing the information below. 

It seems many elements and support are missing:

The learning outcomes, skills, and content area objectives or standards the lesson should address (include both ISTE/CAEP standards and content standards)

how you think that this activity will teach students 21st-Century skills. How will this lesson help expand your students’ understanding of and involvement with positive social change?

How you will manage this activity in your classroom: How will you ensure that students have adequate time online? How will you evaluate their learning? How will you ensure equal collaboration with all students?

How have you provided scaffolding for diverse student readiness and gaps in skill level?

In terms of college and career readiness, what lesson elements assisted students?

Which technology and 21st-Century approaches helped students?

How did technology elements increase critical thinking and problem-solving?

What lesson changes will you make moving forward in order to reach higher levels of college and career readiness?

How has the knowledge gained in this course and understanding of the ISTE standards helped transform your teaching practices?

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