Juvenile Justice.



Juvenile Justice

1. This term, referring to alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana, suggests that young people who

use less-harmful drugs will eventually use more-harmful drugs.

2. According to the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse, what percentage

of high-school students has tried cigarettes, alcohol, or other substances?

3. What is the age in all states at which buying and using tobacco products is legal?

4. What is the most common mind-altering substance used during adolescence?

5. After alcohol and tobacco, what substance do adolescents use the most?

Chapter 12

6. The temporary care of a child alleged to be delinquent who requires secure custody in

physically restricting facilities pending court disposition or execution of a court order is


7. What is the most common way that juveniles enter the juvenile justice system?

8. Most juveniles taken into custody are referred to a __________.

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