Leadership Style.



(As a side note, feel free to have  a trusted friend or family member give you feedback on your essay using this form (or the checklists that I provided in the Week 5 "Help Revising the Final Essay Learning Activity").



Attached, you will find a peer-review worksheet. After reading the worksheet, do you have any suggestions?  Are all the questions on the peer review form clear (to someone who is taking this class)?  If not, explain. 


Are there any other questions you would add to the peer-review form based on what you think students would want to know about their essays? If so, what? 


Based on the questions asked on the peer-review form, what benefit do you think you would get out of doing this assignment?  (Consider the benefit you might get from a peer AND the benefit you might get from doing this kind of analysis of another classmate's essay).

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