Marketing plan on island vibes liquor store



Need help writing a Marketing Plan

W8 Assignment "Write Your Marketing Plan"

Marketing Analysis

Write Your Marketing Plan!

This week you will be combining all of the elements of your Marketing Plan from previous week's assignments.

Your Marketing Plan should include, but is not limited to, (from your chosen Case Study):

  • The name of your chosen company, its Mission Statement and the description of your product or service

Download Attachment: 
W2 Assignment Situation Analysis.docx

Company name that I want to use: “Island Vibes Liquor store”

2. A situational analysis of your chosen company

3. A SWOT analysis of your chosen company

4. The Product Choices of your chosen company

5. The Marketing Strategy of your chosen company

6. The Marketing Implementation and Evaluation & Control of your chosen company

7. An Ethics and Social Responsibility Strategy for your chosen company

Attached is my first week case study.

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