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Initial Response

Find a peer-reviewed journal article that relates to one of the topics below. Thoroughly read the article and provide a 400- to 500-word summary of your article presented as a response to the question/topic. There are no right or wrong response. Points will be earned for proper grammar, spelling, organization, length, citations, content of the knowledge, reasoning, and APA citation and referencing. The use of quotations is not allowed. Please upload a copy of your article with your post.

  1. the process of voir dire make juries more biased than less biased; provide evidence that either supports or refutes this statement

Please watch the following documentary on the incarceration of American youth. 
  • Be at least 500 words
  • Be completed using college-level writing
  • Incorporate information/terms from this week’s course material into your paper


 Prison Kids Reaction Paper


Given what you have learned during this course, identify the biological, psychological, and social factors that might contribute to the character Zion being caught up in the juvenile justice system. Provide recommendations for interventions that could help to reduce the likelihood of his juvenile incarceration.

Your reaction paper must:

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