Professional Ethics.



Philosophy 333 - Professional Ethics 

Assignment 1 is an Application of the Normative Ethical Theories

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Case 1.1 [4]

Imagine now that you are an instructor at a large state university. You make a strong effort to get to

know your students and are relatively successful in this. One day you are giving an in-class exam and,

much to your distress, you see one of our students cheating. He is very bright and is one of the

students who has come to your office several times to discuss the course material. You know from

one conversation with him that his father recently died and that he has had some difficulty

concentrating on his schoolwork since then. When you see him cheating, you realize that you could

interrupt him during the exam, but you decide not to do so since this would humiliate him in front of

his classmates. You could confront him after the exam, fail him for the test, and let the matter go at

that. The university, however, has a firm policy on how cases of cheating are to be handled. The policy

requires that all cases of cheating are to be reported by faculty to the administration. Faculty are

expressly forbidden to use their own discretion in any case of cheating. The administration is highly

intolerant of cheating and first offenses result in suspension for a semester. Second offenses result in

expulsion. What should you do? On the basis of what considerations should you make your decision?


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