Reflect on the role of this buyer or decision maker, as an individual or company representative



Create a profile or description of the typical prospect (target customer) for your chosen product or service. Reflect on the role of this buyer or decision maker, as an individual or company representative. Describe the typical buying motives of the prospect. What is the rationale for the purchase, and what is the need fulfilled? Outline how prospects for the product are identified. Examples may include the use of a database, cold calling, referrals, or other methods. Outline the process for qualifying prospects. Be sure to define qualified prospect. Describe software tools you would use in managing customer relationships in the selling process. Provide your rationale for their application. Examine the buying and decision making processes, along with the roles of the key players in the sales process. What roles or processes are involved in making a decision? What players are involved? What is the timeline for the process from initial contact to the close of the sale? A flowchart can be a helpful way to display this information, but a description works well, too. Identify your sales presentation objectives and outline a sales approach. Keep in mind this should not be the pitch itself but should describe how you would go about making it.

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