Role of Interpersonal Communication in Organizational Effectiveness




The assessment task requires you to evaluate ONE article from a reliable journal related to your

choice of ONE of the following topics:

Topic 1 – Analyse the impact of technology on communication skills in the workplace.

Topic 2 - Critically discuss the importance of communication skills in the workplace.

Topic 3 - Communication is an art, not a skill. Discuss the statement.

Instructions: Part A – Draft of Critical Analysis

Part A requires you to submit a draft of the Critical Analysis. The maximum grade for Part A is

awarded to all submissions which show a reasonable attempt to begin all sections of the assignment

listed in the Critical Analysis Format above.

Your lecturer will provide comments on the progress of your draft and how it can be improved.

Instructions: Part B – Final Submission of Critical Analysis

Using the comments provided by your lecturer about your draft submitted for Part A, improve and

complete your Critical Analysis. This submission of your completed work will be graded according to

the Learning Rubric below.

BIZ101_Assessment1_Critical Analysis _Module 2 Page 3 of 5

Submitting Your Assessment

1. Check your originality by uploading your commentary to Turnitin.

2. When the Turnitin result is less than 20%, submit your assignment through the Assessment

submission area.

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