Single Page Website One (1) Web page and one (1) Cascading Style Sheet (.css), including the image file

computer science


Assignment: Single Page Website

Due Week 8 and worth 140 points

Deliverables: One (1) Web page and one (1) Cascading Style Sheet (.css), including the image file.

Imagine that you have just started your own freelancing business. You have been hired to create a Web page for a company of your choice that announces the item of the week, month, or year. (e.g., Car of the Year, Pet of the Month, Sandwich of the Week, etc.)

  1. Create a Cascading Style Sheet (.css) that applies a minimum of background color and font.
  2. Create one (1) Web page and a heading tag that overrides the Cascading Style Sheet (.css) font settings and makes the font of the heading different from the rest of the page. 
  3. The page must also include: 
  4. An image depicting the item of the week, month, or year. 
  5. At least three (3) hyperlinks to Websites of associated interest to the item and a brief description of what they are about. 
  6. Example: Click here to visit Strayer University 
  7. This link will take you to the University’s main page where you can find further information.
  8. At the bottom of the page, create a link that would allow the user to email you with questions using the mailto: tag and your email address. 
  9. Note: When the email opens the subject line should automatically say, “More Information Please”.
  10. Create a footer displaying the Copyright symbol (using the character entity reference), the year, and your name. 
  11. Example: © 2012 Mary Smith
  12. Include a piece of JavaScript on the page.
  • Describe the structure of the World Wide Web as interconnected hypertext documents.
  • Create and validate HTML documents.
  • Create presentations using Cascading Style Sheets and DHTML.
  • Summarize Web standards in terms of specifications, guidelines, software, and tools.
  • Write clearly and concisely about Web design and development using proper writing mechanics and technical style conventions.

The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are:

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