Successful female entrepreneurs tapping the female market.



M8A2: Final Project

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This project focuses on the female as an entrepreneur. It should be well researched, using a variety of external resources, and should integrate material from the course. Various discussion board topics as well as issues examined through the written assignments in the course have assisted you in preparing the final project. 

Select a well-known, established female entrepreneur who has successfully built a business that taps into the female market, and analyze both her characteristics as an entrepreneur as well as the factors that have contributed to her business's success. (Attachment shows the proposal for this project. Entrepreneur has already been selected)

Below are the instructions for this project.

"Successful female entrepreneurs tapping the female market:"

A great example of women building successful entrepreneurial ventures that target the female market is that of the new category of entrepreneur referred to as "mompreneurs." These are typically first-time or second-time mothers who have taken time off from regular jobs to care for their children, but they decide not to return to previous employers. Instead, after identifying a gap in the market that they themselves have experienced as consumers, they put together an entrepreneurial venture to address the gap without having to give up their role as stay-at-home moms.

For example, Karen Randall from Vancouver, Canada, was 34 years old when she took time off from work to care for her first child. With an avid interest in green products, she wanted to use cloth diapers as a way to avoid the environmental impact of the disposable alternative. She was frustrated at not being able to find information on how to be environmentally friendly when it came to diapering her daughter. Therefore, she decided to concentrate her energies on making this option easier for other mothers. From this interest emerged her company, New & Green Baby Co., in 2007. The idea was simple, environmentally focused, and produced phenomenal results.

A thoroughly researched and effective project on this topic would be a paper that summarizes the background information available on this female entrepreneur. Utilizing concepts from the course as well as external resources on entrepreneurship, discuss the selected entrepreneur with respect to possessing the right traits, as well as examine relevant factors that have led to her success.

Organize your paper into the following sections:

1. Title page

2. Table of Contents

3. Introduction (1–2 paragraphs in which you summarize the topic by identifying the type of business idea you have selected and the relevant female market segment to be targeted)

4. Background (describing the idea, distinguishing it from any other related business ventures, and justifying the selection of the market segment that would be targeted)

5. Analysis (based on material from the course and research on entrepreneurship and on the idea, write an analysis of the chances a female entrepreneur would have to make this venture a success)

6. Conclusion (1–2 paragraph review of your findings)

7. References

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