The company delivers heating facilities from common furnaces to room heaters and anything in between, like fireplaces, unit heaters, and water heaters.




I am Edin Herovic, I came from Europe Kosovo in the United States in 2012. My family owns the Plumbing and Heating business for over 50 years in Kosovo. When I came here in New York City, I start working in the Plumbing and Heating Company in a short period of time, I became a Supervisor in the Company. As a Supervisor in the Plumbing and Heating Company, I had an opportunity to learn the business and process of the Plumbing business. I came up with the idea of starting my own company using my last name. I name my Company Hero Mechanical LLC I started in January 2015. My company is located in Lower Manhattan. I currently have six full-time employees and myself. The company is orientated residential and commercial projects and 24/7 hours of emergency services. 

The company delivers heating facilities from common furnaces to room heaters and anything in between, like fireplaces, unit heaters, and water heaters. It often provides outstanding plumbing facilities anytime the customers need it since they also know that plumbing problems never suit the busy schedule and must be handled immediately. The company as a whole based on heating and plumbing technicians for cold and hot fresh running water in the houses and organizations and providing warmth in the cold weather simultaneously. These technicians require to be trained to prepare and build systems and then implement and test them. Therefore, the company would also require to fix defects and enable repairs on demand. The company's technician operates as a vital member of the building industry both inside and outside, in homes and industrial projects.

In this crisis, our company is considered an essential business we still have to deal with emergency services that part keeps us busy and alive. Our company deals with emergency services leaky pipes, no hot water, no heat, clogged drains and many other emergency services. Our employees are helping our clients with their plumbing and heating issues. At Modern, the company provides each aspect of Indoor Air Quality or IAQ for the business or home. The key business value of the company is that it will present one of the best services to the customers at a very reasonable price.  The company’s staff is both courteous and knowledgeable, and will always find out for the key interests of the potential customers. The company, moreover, provide filters, air cleaners, humidifiers, UV lights, and thermostats. Do someone in the family suffers from key allergies? The company has provided the best solutions to them. The company offers the below services:

·         Repair, Service, Replacement, Remodels, and New Construction

·         Residential, Industrial, and Commercial Applications

·         UV Lights, Humidifiers, Air Purifiers, Ozone Purifiers, and Whole House Filtration

·         Heat Loss Calculations and Duct Design

Additionally, the company provides heating options from conventional furnaces to something in between, like fireplaces, gas heaters and unit heaters. When customers need a heating-related patch, the company can fix it, or if customers need a good amount, it will come and give them a free quote. The company provides the below key services:

·         Repair, Service, New Construction, Replacement, and Remodels

·         Commercial, Residential, and Industrial Applications

·         Propane, Natural Gas, Heat Pumps, and Electric

·         Boilers, Air Conditioners, Furnaces, Fireplaces, Unit Heaters, Water Heaters, Humidifiers, Mini Splits, Thermostats, Wall Heaters, Air Cleaners, UV Lights, Gas Piping, and Dryer Vents

·         Heat Loss Calculations and Duct Design

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