The rhetorical analysis involves the study of how the producer of a work uses various elements to influence an audience

general article writing


The paper is based around the iconic photo of the Fireman holding the baby

moments after the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995.


References (websites) that MUST (14) be used for paper:

All listed references need to be shown somewhere in the paper using APA format in

text citations. Additional references may also be used. Paper is at least 3000 words,

no more than 4,500 and is 12-18 pages double-spaced using 12pt. Times New

Roman and APA formatted throughout.

Introduction: Must include the following subheading with category underlined like


Finding: Introductory paragraph about your overall findings and why this kind of

rhetorical analysis is useful. This whole section includes your analysis, which is

synthesized with your sources and integrated with your theoretical supports.

Historical content: Introduce each of these sub-sections by defining what they are

and how they help us understand the iconicity of the photo

Technical constraints and considerations: Introduce and define.

Ethical Issues: Introduce and define

Cultural Impact: Introduce and define

Critical lens: Introduce and define

Aesthetic composition: Introduce and define

Conclusion: In this part you summarize why this photo is iconic and tell us why this

image is important to us. And include questions that your paper may not have

answered but which are important to think about.

A rhetorical analysis involves the study of how the producer of a

work uses various elements to influence an audience—in the case

of photography, “producer” refers to any or all of the following:

the photographer, the editor, the publisher and, sometimes, the

subject. The “audience” is the viewer. We use these lenses to

closely examine the photograph and understand HOW the image

works and determine what is its rhetorical function.

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