This assignment should be completed in Java. Every student must submit their own code, but collaboration is allowed.

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Due: 3/29


This assignment should be completed in Java. Every student must submit their own code, but collaboration is allowed. If students work together, each program MUST list every other student in the collaborative group. Failure to do so will be treated as plagiarism.


Unlike lab assignments, this assignment will not require a README or UML to be submitted with it. A single java file will be acceptable, but organization is still important. Also, EVERYTHING needs to be commented. The purpose is to prove you know what you’re coding and understand what’s going on. Thus, if there is no comment, I’ll be forced to assume you don’t know what that block of code does (aside from “make it work’)


The top of the program should have a block comment. This comment should look something like this;



Your Name

Due Date


Student A

Student B





Output             50%

Does the code do what is assigned when run?


Comments       30%

Do you prove you know what the code is doing?


Functionality   20%

Does the program run as submitted?

(I will be running these from the command prompt)


Can’t Click This


This program should have three screens;

1.      Title Screen – This screen should have text across the top saying, “Welcome to the Button Clicking Game!” Underneath that, should be a text box that asks the user to input their name. Next to the text box, there should be a button that initiates the game, but only if a name has been typed into the text box.

2.      The Game Screen – The game is simple. There is a button in the middle of the screen that reads, ‘Click Me’ However, when the mouse approaches the button, it runs away. The user should never be able to catch the button, and if they chase it to the side of the pane, it should jump back to the middle of the pane. To make this easier for escape, the pane should quite large,  > 1000x1000. As soon as the game starts, there should be a 20 second timer started. This timer can be hidden, but at 5 second intervals, the button should mock the user with an insult. At the 20 second mark, the game ends, and should transition to the ‘Game Over’ screen.

3.      Game Over – This screen should just be an Image. An image you wish, but remember, you will need to submit the image with the program, so that I can put it into the same folder as the program. You may also use a link to a web image, but it must be a secure site (https), because if I’m grading in my office, Lamar’s network may block it.


That’s it, submit the program and image file in the Test #2 folder

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