Water disruption is not a laughing matter



English   Assignment   -   Article   Review

Assignment   Description:


For the final assessment, which involves a review of two articles on an agreed topic.  Students are required to write 800 words of Article Review.  The essay should use appropriate academic essay format.   This Article Review cannot more than 20 % of Plagiarism.   Several resources for this assignment include the course slides, personal notebook entries, videos, articles.



Article  Review  Topics   :


Water disruption is not a laughing matter.




Here are further steps / questions to consider:


·           What is the author’s argument / point of view?

·           What are the main points?

·           Is the article clear and well-supported?

·           How does the article contribute to the field?  Does it add to or build on existing knowledge?

·           Are there any counter-arguments?

·           Do you agree with the author’s argument/point-of-view? Why?

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