What are the key reasons of choosing the job?



Internship    Report

My  Job  Industry  :   Business Administration  &  Management


This  report  should  contain  the  following   :


1.       What are the key reasons of choosing the job?


2.       How could the job contribute to your future career?


3.       What are the skills you have gained and improved during this internship?


4.       What are your key strengths and weaknesses you found during this internship?


5.       Do you wish to continue to serve in this industry / company?   Why?



Report    Format   :


Ø    Do  in   Microsoft  Word.

Ø    Maximum  Words   :     3500  words.

Ø    Font   :     Times  New  Roman.

Ø    Font   Size   :     12

Ø    Line   Spacing   :     1.5  lines.

Ø    Should contain  :   Proper  In-Text  Citations    and    List  of  References.

Ø    Required to use the  Harvard  Referencing  System.

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