You are teaching a class on politics in the media, and you want your students to search for trending political stories online.

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  1. You are teaching a class on politics in the media, and you want your students to search for trending political stories online.

What is the best and most efficient way they can find information on trending subjects?

  1. Do a Google search for "Political trends" and search for relevant information.
  2. Create a questionnaire in Forms to send to fellow students to understand trends within the school.
  3. Go to Google Trends and browse through current trends across multiple categories and countries.
  4. Go to Google Analytics to see most viewed web pages and searches.


  1. mr vanko is marking student assignments and keeps finding incorrect facts supported by unreliable sources. What should he explain to help his students about finding online sources?
    1. Verify all online information with textbooks
    2. Check the website that looks reputable and professional
    3. Contact the author directly to understand their research
    4. Check the integrity of the author, and whether they are an expert on the topic
    5. They shouldn't trust any information found online
  2. Students in a programming class have asked if you can help them arrange a hackathon to support their autonomous robot development project. Match hackathon tasks with Google Tools

Hackathon Tasks                                                              

Create a print-friendly event schedule

Creating a project timeline to ensure everyone knows what deadlines and responsibilities they have

Gathering feedback form other programming students on their preferred development tools

Presenting the final solution to an audience

Creating a flow diagram for the development process


Google Tools

(Sheets, Docs, Forms, Drawings, Slides)

  1. Mr Jackson is an enthusiastic geography teacher, and wants to inspire other geography teachers to make use of Google tools to help their students understand the world they live in and meet other students overseas. What activity could he do to promote cross-continent discussions with others with other geography classes?
    1. Send a Calendar invite to schools across the world to see who would be available for a face to face discussion
    2. Get his students to create a group class presentation using SLides about what they do in their spare time, and share it with schools in other countries.
    3. Send a questionnaire using forms to teachers around the world to distribute to their students asking about their life where they live.
    4. Officer Mystery Location Calls using Hangouts with his class and other classes around the world for students to guess where they are based.
  2. Miss Jackson wants to create a classroom full of independent learners. Why should she first teach her class how to search and explore effectively online? (select 2)
    1.  because it's too easy for students to get distracted by online games,
    2. So students never have to carry paper books again
    3. So students can find answers to their questions quickly
    4. Because youtube is full of disruptive content
    5. So students will understand how to get assistance beyond their teacher
  3. Ms. Acton is coaching her students who struggle to write long essays, especially when it comes to finding relevant articles and citing their sources. How can her students use Google Scholar to help improve these skills? (multiple select)
    1. Search for articles by particular author
    2. Request results within a date range
    3. Use the related articles feature to find additional research related to specific search results
    4. Use the cite tool to correctly format citations
    5. Find academic sources and save the links to my library within scholar
    6. Access and the read the entirety of all search results ina  free online library
  4. Mr. Sprowsstown has determined that google Sites offers the most flexible option to showcase different kinds of student work from his geography classes. 4 types of media which can be integrated into a Site and which cannot.


Site Page Integration

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