You have a business selling raincoats and winter coats to tourists across the US Midwest. An increase in competition has put your business in Detroit, MI, under pressure.

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Data Driven Business Strategies

Core Task

You will need to analyse Detroit's weather from the year you were born to make informed business decisions.



You have a business selling raincoats and winter coats to tourists across the US Midwest. An increase in competition has put your business in Detroit, MI, under pressure. You decide to use your IT and business knowledge and pursue a variety of sales strategies based on clear data driven decisions. You plan to use past data on Detroit's weather to help you understand the impact of weather on these strategies. 

You decide to download the weather data from National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), analyse it using RapidMiner - or similar analytical package - and develop an action plan.



Download weather data for Chicago, IL for the year you were born from NOAA's website. You will need to submit this data file with your assignment.

e.g. If you were born in 1963... then select data from 1st January 1963 to 31st December 1963.

Key facts on data:

·         Start here.

·         Select Weather Observation Type/Dataset: Daily Summaries

·         Select Date Range: [Year you were born]-01-01 to [Year you were born]-12-31 eg. 1963-01-01 to 1963-12-31

·         Search For: Cities

·         Enter a Search Term: Detroit

·         Output Format: Custom GHCN-Daily CSV

·         Units: Metric

·         Data Types: Select All

See the Workshop video and slide deck for a related example.



Submit a brief report answering the following questions.

You are encouraged to use the template provided (see below) and to use RapidMiner as the data analysis package. However, any reasonable analytics package/environment will permit this level of analysis - even Microsoft Excel (although it will be considerably more time consuming in Excel). 

You must submit 3 files:

·         Report: NAME_A3c.PDF

·         Data File: NAME_A3c_data.CSV (original file downloaded from NOAA)

·         Screenshot of analytics: NAME_A3c_screenshot (This should be at the end of your analysis and must show the package used).

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