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Django vs React | The Key Differences You Should Know

Django and React are two of the most popular frameworks today, and a lot of people wonder which is better. In fact, a lot of people want to use Django just because it “sounds safer” than an unknown React. But are they really that different?

Django is an open-source framework for developing web applications in Python, developed and managed by the Django Software Foundation. It follows the model-view-template (MVT) architectural pattern.

on the other hand, React is a library for building user interfaces that has become quite popular

If you are confused about Django and React, don’t worry, as you came to the right place. This blog will discuss everything about Django Vs React in detail.

So let’s start with introducing both Django and React.

What Is Django?

what is django

Django is one of the most widespread high-level python web frameworks as it enables the rapid development of maintainable and secure websites. Experienced developers develop Django. Django also takes care of the hassle of web development, so you don’t need to focus on web development and write your app. It is noteworthy that Django is one of the best free and open-source platforms since it has an active and thriving community, great documentation, and many options for paid and free support. You should also read Most Popular Programming Languages 2022.

Features Of Django

If you desire to remove all your doubts regarding Django Vs React, you should learn everything about Django and React. So here are some of the unique features of Django:-

  • Django offers the best documentation facility than any other open-source technology.
  • It is one of the best versatile as compared to other open-source tools.
  • Numerous MNCs prefer Django to any other tool globally. The primary cause of its popularity is that it is highly scalable.
  • One of the best features of Django is that it is highly secure.
  • Django also provides you with the facility of Rapid development.

Advantages Of Django 

advantages of django

Faster Development

The Django framework enables faster application development. Therefore, developers can use it to rapidly create Minimum Viable Products (MVP) and gain an advantage over their competitors.


Django is based on Python, a versatile and dynamic language. It offers a superb level of flexibility and dynamism. Configuring the framework can be done quickly regardless of specific requirements.


The world’s best web developers make this framework, so there are very few security holes. Additionally, it includes preventing common attacks such as SQL programming injections and cross-site request forgeries.

Versatility And Scalability 

With Django, even the busiest sites will have the capacity to handle more traffic. Therefore it helps in improving scalability. Django has proven its versatility in various industries and applications, such as content management, scientific computing, intelligent automation, and enterprise management.

Disadvantages Of Django 

Lack Of Conventions 

Its lack of conventions is a big reason why many programmers dislike Django. Everything in Django has to be explicitly specified in distinction to frameworks like Ruby on Rails. 

Difficult To Learn 

The biggest disadvantage of Django is the steep learning curve. Django has numerous features that developers might find difficult to understand. It can be quite difficult for developers to switch to another language. 

Not Suitable For Smaller Projects

A major part of the Django web framework is the code that takes the server’s processing and time. It can take a toll on web pages that run on very little bandwidth. Therefore, it is not suitable for products and projects with a small number of features and requirements.

Inability To Simultaneously Handle Multiple Requests 

Django can’t handle multiple requests simultaneously, unlike many modern frameworks. Multiple requests put pressure on developers to optimize their processes to handle multiple requests efficiently.

What Is React?

what is react

React is one of the best UI development libraries based on JavaScript. React is used by the majority of the developers in web development since React is a library and not a language. At present, it has become one of the most widely used frontend libraries. React is considered one of the methods for creating user interfaces. It mainly includes what we see on the front end. It forms user interfaces easy to build as it cuts every page into different pieces. These pieces are called components. 

 Features Of React

You should learn everything about Django and React if you want to clear all your doubts about Django Vs React. Listed below are some of the unique features of React:-

  • One of the most practical features of React is Virtual DOM. This feature allows the user to speed up the application development process and provides flexibility. 
  • It also provides you with a one-way data-binding facility. Data will flow in one direction in the entire application in this facility. It will provide you with better control over applications.
  • React is commonly based on components. As in the reactJS, a web page is usually divided into different components. And here, each component defines a view.
  • Another one of the best features of React is that with its use, you can also use conditional statements inside the JSX.

Advantages Of React

advantages of react

Short Learning Curve

As compared to other frameworks, React is very easy to learn. It allows us to complete different projects in the recorded time. 

Facilitates Creation Of Custom Components

It is one of the best advantages of using React. JSX creates unique components to fit your needs. It is also noteworthy that it accepts HTML code and simplifies sub-component rendering.

It Boosts Developer Productivity

React also has the feature of reusing components. This feature allows the developers to redistribute the same digital objects. So we can say that it boosts developer productivity. 

Quick Rendering

The react comes with the features of a super-fast rendering facility. It will become helpful for users to bring down the loading time of their page drastically. It is also helpful for businesses to get their applications ranked on the first page of google search.

Disadvantages Of React

Lack Of Adequate Documentation 

There is an extensive community of React developers and users. Still, there is a requirement for more documentation.

Only Covers User Interface

It is not possible to develop a complete app using react. You are also required to use other languages.

High Pace

React makes the development of applications very fast. As a consequence, it can put a lot of pressure on developers. This is why it’s often beneficial to hire React developers.

Extra Time

Compared to other popular frameworks like Vue, React can take extra or longer time to develop.

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Django Vs React: Key Differences You Should Know

Many people seem confused about the difference between Django and React. Here we have provided you with a comparison table that shows the differences between Django Vs React:-

FactorsDjango React
Initial Release20052013
Developed onPython programmingPHP programming
Key aspectWeb development frameworkAllows you to control component instances.
SecurityDjango has a higher level of security.React is less secure as compared to Django.
Easy to learnThe majority of the people find it difficult to learn Django.Due to its short learning curve, React is easy to learn compared to Django.
SuitabilityDjango is not appropriate for smaller projects.React is suitable for both smaller and large projects as well.
Popularity Django is not very popular. React is more popular as compared to Django.

Django Vs React: Google Search Popularity Comparison

Above is a graph of Google Search Trends for the Django web framework and ReactJS library. Since it is very clear from the statistics shown in the graph that React is more popular than Django over the google search trends of the last five years. 

So we can say that React is more popular as compared to Django. Therefore, React is the clear winner in terms of popularity as per the google search trends of 2017-2022.

Django Vs React: What Are The Alternatives Of Both Django And React?

As we already discussed different things about both Django and React. Here we have mentioned some of the alternatives of Django and react that are used by the majority of the people in place of Django and React:- 


Node.js is excellent for data-intensive real-time applications and has a light and efficient event-driven that runs across distributed devices.


It is a framework for developing web applications with expressive, elegant syntax. With this framework, you can easily manage common tasks found in most web projects, such as authentication, routing, and caching.


Flask is designed to get started quickly and was created with the best intentions. You can also read flask vs django


The Rails framework is a web-application framework that allows you to build web applications based on the Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern.


PHP is a fast, flexible, and pragmatic programming language that runs everything from your blog to some of the most famous websites in the world.

Is Django better than React?

One of the hardest decisions for developers can be on which web framework to use. These frameworks have pros and cons, and there’s not one best framework for every project. The good news is that there are many frameworks that can help you develop faster and more easily.

In this blog, we’re comparing two popular web frameworks: Django and React. Both are powerful but in different ways. Django is easy to learn and use while React is more complex. Django is better for non-designer developers while React is better for designers. Ultimately, it depends on the project and whether you need different tools for different tasks.

It’s also important to note that these frameworks can change over time. For example, React 16 uses a new Javascript feature and Django 3.0 was just announced.

Should I learn Django or React native?

If you’re asking this question, you’ve already narrowed it down to two of the best technological frameworks for building an application. They’re both hugely popular, with a large and growing community.

However, if you’re looking to get into app development, you don’t have to choose between Django and React Native. Instead, start learning both of them! By learning two programming languages and two frameworks, you’ll be much more versatile in the types of jobs you accept. It’s always good to be prepared for surprises!

Final Words (Django vs React)

We have already discussed the key differences between Django and React in this blog. While both the frameworks are excellent and popular, each offers its own set of benefits to help you make a wise choice. For a simple to-do list application, we would recommend using React, but Django should handle the more robust user profile application with ease. We hope that our blog will clear all your doubts regarding Django Vs React. And it will also become very useful for you to decide which one you should prefer, Django Vs React.

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FAQs Related To Django vs React

Should I learn React or Django?

It would be best to use Django and Reactjs for the frontend. We will connect the frontend (Reactjs) with the backend (Django) using the Django Rest framework. Before making any decision, you should make sure that you are more comfortable with Python or JavaScript.

Does Django have a future?

When we talk about the web applications future, Django offers plenty of features and can be used for a modern web application. It is one of the best ways to develop modern web applications using the Django framework. If you want to build a successful career, you should learn the Django framework to help you to get one of the best in-demand jobs.

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