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How to Write A Good College Essay For Your Admission

Almost every college student has to write the college essay to get admission in the college. The students need to write a good college essay to get admission in the college. We all know that writing a good essay is not an easy task for the students. It requires lots of effort from the students to curate high-quality essays for their college. Some of the top students know the ways to write the best college essay. Millions of students write the college essay every year. But only a few write the perfect college essay to get admission in their desired college. To overcome this problem, we will share with you some hidden secrets of writing a good college essay. These secrets will help you to write high-quality college essays within a limited time. Here we go:-

Give Yourself Time

First and the most initial step of how to write a good college essay is to give yourself enough time. Don’t get into a hurry while writing the essay. If you write the essay quickly, no one will give you the extra points for your efforts. Therefore there is no need to write the essay quickly. As you know that the college essay plays a key role in getting admission in your desired college. Therefore you have to write an essay that is related to your own life. Therefore you need to compose the essay with all of your original details. It takes time to write an essay that is based on you. Thus take at least a couple of weeks to compose your essay and write it with perfection.

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Start with a Template

You should use the template for your essay. It is quite tough for the students to write the college essay from scratch on the blank page. Therefore, you can use the help of the templates that are useful for the students to start with their essay. There are hundreds of templates available online and get the best ideas for your college essay. It also helps you to have an idea about the solid college essay format. You can include the heading with the name and address of the person who will receive your college essay. You can select any template but don’t over depend on the template, and you should use your creativity to modify the template. Start with the college admission essay template and then start writing the essay around it. A massive number of students apply with college essays; therefore, the college administration has seen lots of essays. Thus if you don’t modify your template, you will not create an impact on your essay.


Brainstorming is one of the best and most effective ways to emerge new thoughts. Therefore you need to brainstorm some ideas before writing down your essay. Take your time to consider the prompts for your essays. Use your personal experience to use with the prompts. Take your time to do the best brainstorming for your essay. You can also take help from your family and friends for brainstorming. Because the more number brains you have, the more ideas you can explore. 

Show Your Personality

It would help if you showed your personality in your college essay. In these types of essays, you need to showcase your grades, test scores, and achievements. Therefore in the college essay, you can truly showcase what you have achieved in your academic career so far and what makes you a better option than other students and people to get admission to the college. Try to use your voice to illustrate your story and tell yourself why you are the best for college. 

Use your voice and your own stories to illustrate why you would be an asset to the school. You also need to make sure that you should use proper spelling and grammar in your essay. You can also use humor phrases and elements in your essay.

Stay Away from the Thesaurus

Always use the words that you use in your daily conversations. Please don’t use the overwhelming words that you don’t use in your day to day conversation because it can sound weird to the college administrator. Don’t use the thesaurus of words because it can be easily spotted. If you do so, then the administrator will easily spot the words. Apart from that, you should also try to use words without repeating them. You can use the alternative of the words if you need to use some words again and again in your essay. Apart from that, don’t use the thesaurus for the essay; use those words that you are familiar with.

Work on Your Grammar and Spelling

The college essay is always the authentic voice of your personality. But most of the time, students think that the essay personal essay can be of any length, but it is not true. You need to make sure that there should not be any major grammatical and spelling errors in your essay. Apart from that, make sure that your essay doesn’t have any technical errors. Also, take the help of others to look at your essay and tell you about your errors. Because in most of the cases, the students get blind to find the mistakes. Apart from that, if you commit any grammatical error in your essay on which you and your reader are not sure, then you should replace the entire text. Reading is also a crucial part of the essay. Try to read your essay load so that you can make sure that you are using clear wording in your essay.

Share a Personal Story

Always share your personal story in the essay. The personal story grows your chances to stand your essay out among the other essays. Use one of the best stories of your academic life for your essay. You need to mention everything about yourself, not just your academic history. Make sure that the story is adding value in the essay, and it should not be written for your own sake. You can also leave some of the topics that might not be useful with your essay. Always try to add an interesting factor within your essay, like some of the incidents that allowed you to learn something new that you didn’t know at that moment. You can also use your failure story because it also adds value to your essay. Failure adds an interesting element because almost everyone has faced some kind of failure in their life.

Be Honest

Is honesty the best policy, right? Yup, it is also applicable to your college essay writing. Therefore you need to be honest while writing the essay. It also helps you to be creative while writing the essay. Now the question is how you can showcase your honesty within your essay? The best way to showcase honesty is to mention all your achievements and don’t try to exaggerate your achievements. You should also mention your weaknesses and misjudgments. All these will help you to showcase your honesty in your essay. No one is perfect; therefore, you need to keep honest with your essay writing and don’t pretend to be the perfect one for the college.

Proofreading and Rewrite

We have already mentioned that you have to take the help of others who can read your essay and tell you about your mistakes. Proofreading is the same procedure, but in this step, you can also take help from the experts to proofread your essay and tell you about your mistakes. Proofreading is a paid service offered by the experts. But proofread makes it clear for you that you have written the best college admission essay. The proofreader will tell you about the mistakes that you have committed within your essay. You think proofreading is important for you if you have already focused on all the major steps earlier. We know that you can cross-check your grammar and spelling mistakes. You can also take the help of others to read and give suggestions about your essay. But proofreading is the best flow of your essay and the best way to build. If there are a lot of mistakes in your essay, you have to rewrite it. You can also read other essays to get inspiration and ideas to make your essay much better and perfect for rewriting.

Let an Expert Review Your Essay

It is important to take the opinion of someone who can review your essay. Sometime we can’t catch the mistakes that are made by us. In such a situation someone else can do this work for you so you can improve your essay by extracting the mistakes. Therefore always ask someone to check your essay and give reviews. if you do not have someone to review in such a situation our experts are available to give you college essay help.


These secrets are quite helpful to write the best college essay for admission. Most of the students are not well aware of how to write a good college essay. But if they follow all these tips, they will write the best essay for their college admission. It will help them to get admission in their desired college. Don’t miss any of the steps because all these steps are depended on each other. If you miss any step, then you may not get the desired results. But if you still find it difficult for you to write the college essay. Then get the college application essay writing help from our experts. Grab the best deal now!

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