The Definitive Guide on How to Write An Essay Fast

“The essay becomes an exercise in the meaning and value of watching a writer conquer their own sense of threat to deliver themself of their wisdom.”

Vivian Gornick 

Thinking! Thinking! and Thinking! We know as a student you are thinking of an essay writing fast, Right! We don’t lie to you: Yes, essay writing is a tricky task, and if you want to complete it quickly, it’s become quite a challenging one. 

As we discussed earlier, Essay writing is always a complicated and time-consuming task for the students. It is quite hard for the students to write the tricky essay within a few hours. In some cases, the time duration might be less than 1 hour. It is not easy for any student to write an essay  within a short time.

But there are some tricks and tips that will help you craft the classy essay quickly. For this, you need to have the proper training or a decent plan. How to write an essay fast totally depends on the detailed plan, but first of all, understand the nature of your essay.

Here is the best plan that will help you to write an essay fast. Let’s explore the secrets of how to write an essay fast!

Types or nature of an essay

Firstly, understand the nature of an essay you are going to write. Following are the types of essay-

Argumentative EssayIn this, the writer defends a position.
Expository EssaysIn this, the writer explains a topic to increase the reader’s knowledge.
Narrative EssayIn this, the writer narrates a story regarding the topic in an orderly  manner.
Persuasive Essays In this, the writer convinces the reader on a certain point.
Descriptive EssaysIn this, the writer concentrates on the details about the topic.

Tips on How to Write an Essay Fast

Plan Your Time

Time management is key for writing an essay fast. You have to make sure that how much time you have to get your essay ready. Suppose that you have 1 hour to write an essay.

You can divide your time as follow, 15 minutes for the outline, 25 minutes for the body of the essay, 10 minutes for writing the conclusion for the essay, and at the end 10 minutes for the revision of the essay. All you need to do is spend ⅕ of your time to structure the essay and half of the time in writing the body of the essay. 

Research to the Point

Before writing the essay, you need to research it. It would help if you looked at the more specific information apart from wasting your time in researching the extra information. All you need to do is outline the key point that you’re going to use in your essay. Research the topic that you’ve outlined. It will save a lot of time while writing the essay.

Try to go brief while having the research for the paper. Research is one part, but you also need to organize the information that you have found during your research. It will help you to work more efficiently and faster. While doing the research, also bookmark the pages in which you’ve found the relevant information about your topic. 

Spend 20% of Your Time on Outlining

An outline helps you to write your essay faster. You have to spend your 20% time of essay writing on just the outline of the essay. You can start with the simplest, divide your essay into five paragraphs, it should include the introduction and conclusion.

Each paragraph should contain the main point, evidence for support, summarizing sentences, and transitions to the following paragraph. You need to write the thesis statements within the first paragraph and make sure that each paragraph should be connected with the thesis statements. 

Make the Introduction and Conclusion Solid

Introduction and conclusion are the souls of the essay. As I mentioned earlier, you have to write the thesis into your essay introduction. Apart from that, it would help if you wrote the hook preceding it. It can be the quote, relevant anecdote in a sentence, statistical information.

You also need to focus on putting the transition inside the essay’s body just at the end of the intro. At the end of the essay, i.e., your essay conclusion summarizes your thesis statements. Apart from that, you also need to link your essay with the proper evidence you have mentioned within the body of your essay.

Spend about 40% of Your Time Writing the Rest

You should also give your 20% time in writing the body of the essay. In this section, you need to write a supportive statement to provide the evidence to the critical points of the essay. You need to make sure that all your paragraphs are correctly summarized.

And all the parts of the essay are connected appropriately. It is the body of your essay, where you explain all the things about your topic. That’s why it is quite important to spend 40% of your time on the essay.

Don’t Forget about Revision (5-10 Minutes)

You also need to spend at least 5 minutes on the revision of your essay. Revision of the essay is quite crucial in the essay writing. That’s why you need to spend some time revision the essay.

While revising the essay, all you need to do is pay attention to your essay’s general structure and the key sentences of each paragraph. You should also need to check that the text is logically connected or not. 

Start typing instead of writing.

All you need to do is you should start to type the essay on your laptop or desktop. Nowadays, almost every student is using technology. And technology is also getting more advanced than ever before. And we all know that typing is quite faster than writing.

That’s why the students should type the entire essay instead of writing if they want to write the essay fast. It is the most crucial tips on how to write an essay fast. If you don’t have enough time, then stop writing and start typing. 

Get rid of distractions!

Distraction will restrict you from writing the essay faster. Distraction is not about the people around us. Apart from that, our digital gadgets are the biggest distraction of our life if you want to write an essay faster than you need to keep your gadgets away from your working space. All you need to focus on whatever you’re doing. You have to set your mind and keep it away from the distractions. Apart from that, you should be positive about your goal of writing the essay fast. You need to set your mindset that you can write the essay fast.

Learn from the experience

It is quite helpful for you to write an essay. If you want to write the essay quite faster than you need to have a look at the previous examples of the essay that is based on your topic.

It will help you to get an idea to draft your essay. You can have a look at what others have done and discover new and exciting ways that they have not done. It may take some time, but it will help you to write an essay faster as compared to write an essay from scratch.

Ask Assignment
Ask Assignment

Choose an interesting topic

Do you know that when we write on an interesting topic, then we write a lot faster than writing on a random topic? That’s why, before writing the essay, you need to choose an interesting topic for it.

You also need to have a clear image of the topic inside your mind. Choose the topic which is having curiosity. Also, try to choose the topic as soon as possible. So that you could have enough time to write on it and make some changes within the essay. 

Formulate thesis properly

Also, write the essay to solve the queries of the readers. Don’t use complex sentences and words within your essay. Always start your essay with the simple questions: who, what, why, when, where.

You can also showcase your essay theme with the help of tree formation. All you need to do is put down the main idea of your topic in the center of the sheet.  

Brainstorming will help you to write the essay topic more effectively and at a fast pace. While doing the brainstorming, please don’t focus on the correction. 

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Check composition

You also need to focus on the composition of your essay. You need to make sure that all your arguments have a clear expression. For this, you can slowly read your essay from each word to word. If you are satisfied with the essay structure and all, then you have finished with your essay writing. Don’t ignore this crucial step because it can make or break your essay writing. 

All the above tips help you in writing an essay fast, so follow it properly.

Step by step guidance on how to write an essay fast

Along with the tips, follow the steps mentioned below. It will help you in writing an essay fast-

Step 1. Make planning of your essay

  • we understand you want to write an essay fast, so spend ten minutes planning your essay.
  • Try to understand the essay question.
  • After understanding the essay question, brainstorm about the thesis statement.

Step 2. Start writing your essay

  • Try to write an essay within 15 minutes.
  • Add a hook in your introduction
  • Add three body paragraphs and explain your point in these paragraphs in detail.
  • Make an essay conclusion to the point and clear.

Step 3. Do editing of an essay

  • Utilize the last five minutes in proofreading.
  • After you finish the essay, now give an appropriate title to it.

Do’s and Don’ts of writing an essay fast


  • Try to complete your essay within the prescribed time so that you have some time to revise it.
  • Always follow the essay structure. It becomes easy for a writer to write an essay quickly.
  • Use relevant quotes.
  • Don’t forget to write references at the end of the essay even if you have less time.
  • Take care of grammar and spelling.


  • Don’t worry too much! Worrying makes you less working and consumes your time more.
  • Don’t copy the work of others even if you have less time. Plagiarism is not acceptable.
  • Don’t use complex language. It makes your essay dull. 
  • Don’t ignore proofreading. If you don’t do this, you will have more mistakes. If you forget to mention some point, then proofreading helps you remember it.
  • Do not repeat your content so many times. It looks like you don’t have new words or ideas on the topic.

Let’s Sum Up

We know that there are a lot of types of essays. But all the tips mentioned above on how to write an essay fast will work on any type of essay. All these tips are practiced by our experts; that’s why we have mentioned these tips and tricks in this blog. If you are going to write an essay in the shortest period of time, then follow these tips. But if you do have enough time, then you should spend more time on research.

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