Best Programming Language For Hacking

Learn Best Programming Language For Hacking

To perform hacking one need to learn programming language. Because every software, private networks and games run by the programming languages. So it is obvious to keep knowledge of programming.

What is hacking ?

Hacking is exploiting a computer system or private network to steal or make changes in the data. Hacking is an advanced technique that is performed by the highest skilled computer programmers known as hackers. Hackers can be categorized into three categories.

  1. White hat hacker
  2. grey hat hacker
  3. black hat hacker

Programming languages is a tool that is use to create software and games; therefore, anyone wants to hack any software. It’s evident for them to keep knowledge of programming languages. Let’s dive into this blog to learn about programming languages that can be used for hacking.

11 best Programming languages For Hacking


Python is the most prefered programming language by every computer programmer because of its simple syntax and rich library. A software developer who has good skills in python can make scripts easily. Scripts can be used to manipulate computer softwares and games. Most hackers hack the Computer and mobile games by making scripts with the help of python programming. These hackers earn money by doing hacking on these games. Python is popular for easy readability of the libraries and thanks for the hard-working developers who made these easily readable libraries.

Here is an Example of Ethical hacking Dictionary attack by using Python Programming

Source :


Java is the best programming language for mobile development. It is a cross platform programming language. Several backdoors can exploit the system made by java. So it is clear that java is a programming language that can be used for hacking. Whenever you install any application in your android device some applications ask for permissions and we without giving a second thought press yes. There are some malware applications that can steal your confidential messages, calls and contacts. Thus be careful while running applications on your mobile devices.


Ruby is a web-oriented programming language. It also has the fame of creating web exploiting applications for a long time. Ruby can make small and large scripts. One of the most popular hacking tools is write by Ruby programming the name of the framework is The Metasploit penetration testing framework. Syntax of the ruby is mostly similar to Python.  But both languages are excellent at automating common hacking programs but Ruby is much more web-oriented. For superior flexibility, this is the best language for hacking while writing exploits.

C++ Programming

C++ is an object-oriented programming language. You can crack corporate softwares with the help of C++. C++ gives you access to system resources and analyses the machine. 


It can be helpful with any programming language to do hacking. Bash has a default command shell in the Linux operating system. I hope you know that there are many servers made by linux. 


Perl has a lot of frameworks and it is beneficial for mission critical projects. It supports object-oriented, procedural and functional programming.  We still have a lot of systems that use Perl. Perl can be responsible to exploit web databases. It is an extensible programming language.

C Programming 

It is the most popular and fastest programming language. C programming is a procedural programming language. It is also known as the mother of all programming languages. C is used to make computer frameworks. Hackers can use c programming to hack system hardwares including the RAM.


The SQL language was created by IBM in the 1970s but now working under official standards recognized by the ANSI( American national standard institute ) and by the IOS( international organization for standardization). This language is a structured Query language which is typically used in data stream management or relational database systems.

Java Script

This programming language is the best for web development and best for hacking and this is client-side programming languages. This is the best programming language for hacking. which is telling by the hackers.


PHP is the most traditional dynamic programming language, This language is mainly use by website builders for CMS like WordPress. Who knows the PHP will help to search vulnerabilities in the network and take to the blog or website. Additionally, It is a server-side scripting language.

So the hackers use it for developing server hacking programs. Therefore, if you have to be the WEB HACKER then it is necessary to have a deep knowledge of PHP.

These above are the most important and highly used programming language for hacking. The hackers use these languages for different types of hacking. These languages are very common for Hacking.

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Different Types Of Hacking

  • web hacking and pentesting
  • Hacking for Writing Exploits
  • Hacking for  Reverse Engineering

These above are some fields of hacking which hackers mostly want to hack.


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  1. Hacking is an attempt to exploit Computer systems and networks and make enhanced recommendations. Best programming language for hacking.

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