Address the changes in scope of the hotel franchise industry



Address the changes in scope of the hotel franchise industry. Identify the industry and summarize industry changes over the past five years. Ascertain the type of industry (i.e. emerging, maturing, declining, or fragmented) and utilize a portfolio matrix to portray industry attractiveness and competitive strengths. Which competitor has the best strategy in the industry? Identify industry drivers for change and summary your projections for the industry going forward to the next five years. Use tables in the analysis, to bring the analysis alive for the readers. Mini-Paper Format Submitted in 12-point font, preferably Times New Roman, and double-spaced with 1-inch margins The report should incorporate correct form, spelling, grammar, sentence structure, and communication skills Should be well-organized and well-written (should not be more than four (4) pages in length) should include tables as needed

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