Allow users to register accounts to gain an account for further functions

computer science


Final Project

Operation Library System


1.      Allow users to register accounts to gain an account for further functions

2.      Users login to library system

3.      Librarians have administrative login area to update, modify, add, or remove users and books

4.      Users will be able to make searches for books and receive information

5.      Users can enter in a book ID to check availability and checkout.

6.      Users can view their checked-out books and check them back in.

7.      Books and users will be contained in array lists.

8.      Books and users will be written to files to be persistent from runtime to runtime - if files aren’t found an exception will be thrown - user will be prompted to terminate or begin a new file.

9.      ADMIN: can login and see the admin functions (add user, remove a user, add a book, remove a book, etc).

10.  USER: user login (Can search for the number of copies available, search for a book by genre, author, etc. Once the number of copies is known, the user can check out the book (number of copies available should change as the books are checked out).




Interactive console menu that will operate via numbered selection system.


            User Registration:


            New users will be allowed to register to be able to login and access library system.


            User Login:


            User will be allowed to login to library system to allow them to search/checkout books. This will require their ID number and PIN to login.


            Library Admin Login:


            Library admins will be able to login using their email and password. They will then be given a list of options to choose from: add book, remove book, add user, remove user, user search, modify user, search book.


Checkout System:


Will allow users to checkout a book or receive an error message if there are no available books. Will reduce the available number amount for the book and add the book to the checkout list


Title Search:


Will allow users to search for books in the system by title. If the book is not in the system, an error message will appear. Will search for titles that match the keyword search and display back a numbered list of books and allow the user to select which book they’d like to view details for.


            Book detail display:


            After being selected, the book’s details, such as author, ISBN, Summary, Genre, Available amount will be displayed. User will have options within details to checkout the book.

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