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The Module Learning Outcomes measured by this coursework are as follows:

1. Assess the need for change within an organisation and propose appropriate tactics

and strategies with particular reference to information systems and information

technology applications and projects;

2. Demonstrate a mastery of the complex skills and knowledge necessary to evaluate

one or more strategic decision-making models.

4. Presentation Topic

Intelligent transportation services are changing the ways people move within cities. New

business models inspired by the sharing economy and disruptive technologies are ushering

in an exciting new age in transportation: the era of smart mobility. The arrival of on-demand

ride services like Uber and Lyft, real-time ride-sharing services such as Carma and Zimride,

car-sharing programs such as Zipcar and car2go, bike-sharing programs, and thousands of

miles of new urban bike lanes are all changing how people get around.

You are required to identify a real company that focuses on Smart Mobility concept to

implement its business model. The following request for information will form the basis for

your PowerPoint presentation coursework for ‘IS/IT STRATEGY’ (30% of the module mark).

 Based on a company within an industry sector of your choice, identify the major
strategic drivers surrounding the business organization and it's sector-specific

 Use appropriate theories and models throughout to show understanding of taught
subject and your ability to critically analyze both the chosen sector and company
 The company chosen needs to have a large web presence from which you can get
an appropriate level of information;

 The presentation should be properly structured, using a variety of presentation modes

(e.g. text, tables, pictures, graphs, etc.) and presented in an upbeat modern manner.

Assume the presentation will be seen by prospective investors in the sector and should

be styled in an appropriate manner for such an audience;

  •  Provide adequate theoretical underpinning to support your arguments. Support your arguments with relevant models, frameworks and statistical evidence.

  • The information in the report should be your own group’s work, verbally cited and properly referenced (CU Harvard), with a bibliography identifying sources provided on

the final frame of the presentation.

5. Presentation Content

1. Introduction –  

a. Overview of chosen sector and business 

b. Commentary on its reason for being 

c. Discussion on mission and vision of the chosen company 

2. Business Information

a. Overview of products/services, processes and people pertaining to the chosen


b. Identification of business/organizational strategy employed by the chosen


c. Analysis of the aforementioned strategies and recommendations for improvement 

3. IS/IT Information – 

a. Identification of IS/IT strategy employed by the chosen company 

b. Critical analysis of the aforementioned IS/IT strategy 

c. Identification of critical technological trends and recommendations for


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