Articles by influential individuals in the field of Information Governance.



In this course, you have read a number of articles by influential individuals in the field of Information Governance. Your assignment is to create an annotated bibliography for Information Governance for Social Media.

The details/elaboration:

I-            For your bibliographies you must research 10-12 sources on each topic.

a.     Two of the sources can (but need not) be from the course syllabus. Whether or not you use these sources you will want to look at their citations to follow a citation trail

b.     You must find the other sources doing your own research.

c.     At least two of the sources must be from academic journals searched through the library’s databases.

II-            Write 1 paragraph for each source that you choose for annotation. You should have:

    1. A heading or headings that indicate the theme around which your chosen pieces are organized.
    2.  Your annotation should include the bibliographic reference, where you got it (what database, etc), and the following info:
      1. State the purpose of the article or the question that it is trying to answer.
      2. Briefly discuss how the question is answered (ie. what cases are examined? What is compared or contrasted?).
    3.  State the findings or the argument that the article makes.

You must address all three points to receive full credit.

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