Assignment Questions-Electronics and Probability

computer science


Topic 1 – Electronics

Question 1

It goes without saying... we are, indeed, a society consumed by and with our ever changing


With particular reference to computer systems, courts have long held that the government has the

right to seize computers believed to contain evidence of criminal activity.  

Do you agree or disagree with the court's position in this regard and why?  

In your response, give at least three reasons in support of your position and respond to the post of

at least one other student.

Topic 2 – Probability

Question 2

Pretend you're an average death-qualified juror, and it all boils down to a probability

estimate by a forensic serologist that a bloodstain on a suspect's knife matches the blood of a

murder victim.

What number would be impressive to you?

Go ahead, pick a number, out to as many decimal places as you like. Why would this

number impress you?

Tip: Remember to pretend that this is a death penalty case, and somebody's life depends upon

how many decimal places you think is impressive enough.

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