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Please open attached file to see the assigment. This is very important assigment if you are not able to do it please do not assign yourself. I have a casebrief i attached the file an example (format) which will help you to do the assigment. You can ONLY use the following website and choose the one of the case from that website and do casebrief. If you will have any questions please ask me. Once again do not use any sourcce except this website.

This is the website
I made a mistake you must write about BOWERS V. HARDWICH and OHIO METROPARKS V. LASHER
Case is on this website
2 pg
 let me be clear so please write brief case about BOWERS V. HARWICH use the only information from the website i send and please use the format that i send.
You can see case here.
If you will have any questions about assigment please ask me. Please do not write summery of the case. Follow the format instructions. 
Did you open the website?
You can only use the information about the case from that website no other sources please.

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