Company Bio and Ethics Officer Job



Company Bio and Ethics Officer Job


APA format

The first part of the semester project will be selecting the company that you will write about.

This is your choice but from past semesters I have some suggestions for you. 

1) Choose an industry that interests you and you have some knowledge, or want to learn about.

This makes the semester project writing easier. 

2) Remember the international requirement when creating your company. If your company is too

small the international component will be difficult, if the company is too large, the operations

policies will be difficult. 

The company biography is what you will base the rest of the semester project.  It should be 4-6

pages including a history of the company, the corporate structure and locations, operations

described in general so that I will understand your business.

The corporate ethics officers job description will be 1-2 pages describing the duties and how they

fit into the corporate structure. 


When you submit your paper, I will provide feedback so you can improve the paper for inclusion

in your semester final project.

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