Currently having an online system that allows the ease of making hotel reservations is challenged when it comes to last-minute reservations and extended stay reservations where the customer realizes that they may need to stay a little longer.

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Hotel Reservation System

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ABC Hotel Group

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Mission/ Purpose


Currently having an online system that allows the ease of making hotel reservations is challenged when it comes to last-minute reservations and extended stay reservations where the customer realizes that they may need to stay a little longer. We want to establish and enhance the hotel reservation online system so that the hotel reaps all of the tangible and intangible benefits from their guests, whether it is a new reservation, a last-minute cancellation, or an extended stay.


Project Goal


The goal of this project will be to collaborate with respective stakeholders, in order to enhance the current online system with a software system upgrade.  While we currently have the ability to use the system in real-time with no issues, we will include a solution that will also include last minute hotel changes and inquiries. Currently, we have a success rate of 80% of first time inquires, but we must make up for the 20%.  This would include extended stays and last-minute cancellations. We will provide real data in real-time. The project manager will maintain all meeting minutes and provide direction throughout the project.



The objectives for the project are to be able to fill every vacant unit as soon as possible.  In order to increase revenue, on a day to day basis, the goal will be to rent out as many rooms that the hotel can and include the possibility that the hotel will have to work with third party vendors to rent out the available units.  There are many vendors that the hotel can work with, especially in the case of customers that have last minute travel agendas.  These rooms can be rented out for a cheaper price compared with the price for normal room booking.  The design of the system itself is to be able to compensate for all types of bookings, whether online or offline.  The database will need to be able to relay information to and from the representatives to allow for easy access to information regarding bookings.  Much of the system will be designated to be end user friendly so that all representatives will be able to check guests in and out with ease. 

Project Scope










The task that will be able to be completed when the project is fully operational is that the representatives or concierge will be able to check guests in and out.  They will also be able to tell which rooms are currently available and be able to cross reference with third party vendors to see if units were rented out for a discounted rate once a certain deadline for room rentals has been met.  The representatives will be able to access database information regarding vacant and non-vacant rooms, will be able to see when the next available vacancy is in order to provide the next guest with details about renting a room in the case that all rooms have been booked.  Representatives will also be able to determine if there are last minute cancellations which should be periodically updated in the database in intervals no more than 15 minutes. 


Project Assumptions       

Oracle based databases should be used for the system.  The system must be end user-friendly.  Updates and changes to online and offline booking should reflect the changes in real-time.  In the case that the changes cannot be reflected in real-time, a time limit of no more than 15 minutes should be incorporated.


Project Constraints          

The main constraint is a time constraint.  The system itself must be fully operational, testable and feasible within a one-month timeframe before the hotel is set to open.  End-user feedback should be incorporated at every iteration during the testing and design phase to ensure that when the system launches, the employees will be able to easily use the system.



A solid communication plan increases the consistency of how a project is handled.  The project team will rely heavily on face to face meetings with respective groups.  Timing will always the emphasis throughout this project and the flow of accurate and timely information will dictate its success.  Status meetings and team huddles will play an important role as well.  Staff is urged to bring up any issues that could potentially affect the project schedule during these daily meetings to ensure the proper escalation of the issues Team Leaders will report any issues to the Project Team Manager in their weekly status report unless issues are of high priority.  Issues that could have a serious impact on budget or schedule should be addressed immediately via a phone call.  The stakeholders will be properly updated on the status of the project by the Project Manager as required by stakeholders.  









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Group C

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Tou Ly

Arquilla Towns

Jose Rivera

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Group C





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ABC Hotel Group















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