Design and write a C language program that can be used as a unit converter application.

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Design and write a C language program that can be used as a unit converter application. Your unit converter should contain at least four unit categories, for example: length, mass, temperature, and time.

The program should display the main menu that contains unit categories that are available, and the user will be prompted to select a unit category first. After the unit category has been selected the program should then display another menu (i.e., a submenu) that contains at least three units or more for the chosen unit category. For example, if the mass unit category is selected, the units shown in its submenu could be: kilogram, pound, and ounce. 

The user will be prompted next to enter a value (i.e., a floating point number) to be converted, as well as the two units from the submenu. The first unit is the unit to be converted, while the second unit is the unit to which the first unit will be converted. After these two units are selected, the program will compute and display the result of the conversion. The program will then prompt the user to return to the main menu and repeat the same process, or terminate the program. 

Program requirements: It is required to use the following C language constructs: · User-Defined Functions · Loops · Decisions

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