Growing up in Africa at a village where there is no electricity, no clean water, no internet and poor mobile service.



Our Natural Surrounding When we are Growing Up Contribute to Our Happiness or un          Happiness as Adults.

Growing up in Africa at a village where there is no electricity, no clean water, no internet and poor mobile service.  The main occupation is farming, people are not expose to modern life.  About 3% of the population have television; Children are only permitted to watch TV on special occasion, such as Christmas, Easter and National Holidays.

Bicycles and motorbikes are the source of transportation due to the cost of taxi and commercial buses.  Most families own a bicycle that is used for farming, to go to the market and to the town hall.   Some families even ride as far as 20 plus miles to the next villages. It is very common to see three to four people on one bicycle or motor bike.   Also, some students must walk about two-three miles to their schools.  Some of the student’s parents must drop them off with their bicycle, once or twice a week and they must walk for the rest of the weekdays simply because they have only one means of transportation for the whole family.


There is no electricity in the class room buildings, students are not expose to computers, no internet café and no community library.  Students must rely on school text books if their parents can’t afford to buy it for them, teenage students must do hard labor jobs to support their families.  Unfortunately, studying to excel academically is not a priority in some homes, sometime students fall asleep in class because their physically or mentally worn out before they even come to school; Many live a life of survival.

Some families cannot afford three meals a day, Children that are facing this type of situation end up not focusing or loose concentration in class as the teacher is teaching.   Most at times, some of the school teachers are not expose to modern way of teaching or well informed in their career so they give what they only have to the students.

The only time people enjoy electricity and have access to computer is when they go to church or travel to the city for a visit very sad.


The term environment refers to the cultural and social aspect that shapes our lives both as a population and as a person. Research has examined the influence of difference factors on human behavior and performance, external factors depend on the person upbringing, culture and the


influence they receive from parent, family members, and peers. The environment in which we live has a considerable Impact on our behavior and performance.

  While also looking at how friendship is built and the different peer pressure we face as children and adolescents and how the friendship we built can influence behavior and performance while also defending who we are.

An environment is the natural surroundings which help life to grow, nourish and destroy on this planet called earth. Natural environment plays a great role in the existence of life on earth and it helps human beings, animals and other living things to grow and develop naturally.

Growing up in such an environment can affect your confidence and makes you unhappy, timid and sometimes low self-esteem.


It will takes so much effort for people who grew up in such an environment to be confident, normally they go through life been sad all the time, example children who grow up in a heath environment turn out to be naturally bold sound and more confident. Therefore, I agree that our natural surroundings when we are growing up contribute to our happiness as adults.







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