Helping the Homeless: A Customer-Centric Approach with CRM Software

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Helping the Homeless: A Customer-Centric Approach with CRM Software Banita Jacks and her daughters fell through many cracks in the maze of government-funded human services in the District of Columbia. Jacks sought help at least 23 times from 11 different agencies, but their separate information systems made it difficult for any of them to obtain a complete understanding of the family’s desperate plight. Federal marshals finally visited their row house, where the mother had been living with her dead daughters’ bodies for more than 7 months. At her trial, Jacks claimed the children were possessed by demons, and she is now serving a 120-year prison sentence. The poorly integrated systems left giant information gaps that hampered agencies trying to help. For example, Child and Family Services received an anonymous hotline tip that the mother must be neglecting the girls, but since the agency didn’t have any home address, no caseworker followed up. Other agencies had an address, but their systems didn’t track the complaint

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