How do the aesthetics of the work relate to its representation of identity? Why does this matter?



Choose a visual work of art in which a performance of identity features prominently.


In a 5-6 page (1500-1800 words) thesis-driven, argumentative essay, respond to the following question:


How do the aesthetics of the work relate to its representation of identity? Why does this matter?


To break down the key terms of this assignment, “a visual work of art” could be an exhibit or series of photographs, paintings, or sculptures, a performance art piece, a theatrical production, a dance performance, a film, or a television show or episode. The work could be from any country or time period.


In a work of art that “performs the self” or “performs identity,” a subject must undergo a transformation, whether it be subtle, blatant, literal, or figurative. The “transformation” may apply to the artist, the subject, the audience, the artistic medium, or all of the above.


Identity could be a predominant social, cultural, biological, technological, or psychological attribute of the self/subject, such as race, ethnicity, gender, class, spirituality, consciousness, religion, mental or physical illness, or disability.


The “aesthetics of the work” should refer to the work’s formal elements or mode of production.


Additional questions to consider:

What is the relationship between form and content in your example, or how does the identity of the subject influence the formal elements of the artistic medium?

Does your chosen example incorporate a unique or distinct aesthetic to correspond to its narrative or subject matter?

How does a radical performance of identity undermine or transform the conventions of the medium you are investigating?          

Finally, what are the social, cultural, or philosophical implications of the work’s portrayal of identity?

You are required to draw from at least two outside sources for this paper, and may include the required and optional readings if they are relevant to your topic. All outside sources must be properly cited according to MLA formatting guidelines.

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