Lead & manage team effectiveness assignment help



Lead & manage team effectiveness all areas require addressing

Performance objective

For this task, you will demonstrate the skills and knowledge required to develop strategies

Assessment description

This assessment describes the skills and knowledge required to lead teams in the workplace

and to actively engage with the management of the organisation.

It applies to individuals working at a managerial level who facilitate work teams; this

assessment will focus on the knowledge and skills required to develop the team as an

effective unit and support team activities. You will address how to monitor performance and

provide feedback; develop processes to identify and resolve issues.

Note to the student:

The following assessment need not focus on any one practice, organisation or business. If

you are currently employed then you may structure your responses using examples from

your current employment; or you may respond using experiences from a previous

employment, or a combination of several workplaces.

If you are not employed you may use experiences from previous employment or a workplace

you are familiar with. Your responses would include what you would see as most appropriate

for that question, as if you were employed. You may use examples from personal and/or

social experiences if relevant to the question.

If you are not currently working you can research a workplace of your choice; then respond

to each of the activity.

What you have to do

Research and review an existing team in your organisation or one with which you are

familiar, and then complete each of the tasks below.

Your response should be written to a standard suitable for consideration by your senior



Task 1: Providing feedback – (Approximately 200 words including a & b)

a) Before you can provide feedback to your team you need to be able to monitor their

actual performance. Identify 3 areas of team performance you would monitor and

discuss their importance.

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