Male and Female In The workplace



Part 1:

  • Male & Female stereotypes are often used to classify behaviors within the workplace.
  • Reflect upon your own or others' organizational experiences.
  • Have your observed instances of classifying women or men according to the sex stereotypes identified in this chapter?
  • How are these stereotypes imposed upon workers?
  • How might workers resist being stereotyped?

Part 2:

Over the past few decades, the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) has been a hot topic among both male and female American workers.

read "Judgment #6 – Should All Work Places Be Required to Provide Paid Family Leave to Male and Female Employees?" Next, answer the following questions:

1. Women who work outside of the home are far more likely than men who work outside of the home to take family leave to take care of newly born or adopted children. Yet research demonstrates convincingly that fathers and mothers are both important to children. Should fathers be encouraged or required to take time off when a new child enters a family?

2. How do you think children would be affected if both parents took time off to care for them and to participate in raising them?

3. How do you think fuller involvement of both parents in raising children would affect society?

4. Provide any additional comments you may have about this subject.

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Length of assignment: 2 paragraphs for each part

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