Recommendations for WAN Connectivity Solution

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you helped me with the first part...can you help me do a 10-20 page powerpoint 

In a project outline of 1–2 pages and a Visio network diagram for your boss, do the following:

  • Identify a solution you will use to implement the WAN connectivity between the sites.
  • Identify the hardware requirements for implementing your solution (discuss why each component is needed).
  • Identify an IP subnet scheme that will be used in both locations' LANs.
  • Identify IP addresses to connect each WAN interface.
  • Using Visio, created a pictorial representation of the proposed network (including IP location, device names, etc.).

create a PowerPoint presentation of 10–20 slides telling your boss what your recommendation is. use the points from the paper you did first. attached is what you did first

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