Shady Acres Healthcare System analysis



Since the 1970s, Shady Acres Healthcare System (SAHS) has been serving the local community

by proving essential healthcare services to their local community. As a not-for-profit

organization, it began with two community clinics, a nursing home, and a mobile immunization

unit. Total employees numbered 107. Since then, it has grown to have a respectable portfolio

which boasts seven community clinics, four skilled nursing facilities (one of which is the largest

in the state at 275 beds), two assisted living facilities (both moderate size), a home health care

unit, a 120-bed hospice facility, a pharmacy distribution service, and a large laboratory capable

of enormous growth (currently running at only 33% capacity). There are 742 total employees

today. This paper utilizes SWOT analysis to explore the existing issues facing SAHS while also

providing recommended course of actions.

Key words: SWOT analysis, not-for-profit, healthcare.

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