This story about a person the girl. The girl is always trying hard for do something but always have a problem to achieve his desires.




This story about a person the girl. The girl is always trying hard for do something but always have a problem to achieve his desires. She was very good and used to be the best student in his school until entering college. She also has a lot of problems with family. His family is very difficult to understand no matter what the circumstances. The girl’s name is Qistina. She is 19 years old, and she is kindly, friendly and caring to his close friends. She also treats his friends like his family. She is always there for someone in trouble. She tries not to give up in order to be able to advise and take care of the friends for who her loves well. Happiness comes to her friends but her family also always makes her happy. Now, story is start when her want going to Rantau for doing the assignment with her friends and to release his longing for his long-separated friends due to current issues. 

In her spare time, Dina her best friend is call her for achieve her wish to take Qistina for a walk and spend time together but Qistina can’t fulfil her wish to go there because Qistina knows that her family does not allow her to go there. Dina was disappointed with the answer given by Qistina. Dina tried to understand it. After that, Qistina decides to plan another day to meet with Dina. At the time Qistina tried to ask her mother. Qistina already thought that her mother. Qistina kept trying the other day and used deception only for the sake of her best friend. Eventually in various ways, she was able to even go there for his best friend for good reason. In the morning day Qistina will move to the Rantau. Qistina waits for her best friend to arrive. Suddenly, Dina an accident when on the way to take Qistina for go her home at Rantau. Qistina was shocked and though of an excuse to go there by public transport but that morning her sister and her mother also scolded her and did not allow her to go there suddenly. With this situation Qistina tries to control her emotions with an ego mother.

She is fiber thinks of her best friend who asked her to take care of her mother not allow her. She was wrong about his friend because she thought her was the cause of the accident. She is disappointed if her lives in guilt. She figured out a way to get there without his mother and his sister knowledge. Her heart ached with her mother’s sudden decision making her disappointed. The goal is to make work and take care of his best friend. Why his mother and his sister hated her too much? Will Qistina run away from home with her mother’s ego which is a hindrance and does not understand her son’s condition? Choosing friends or family makes Qistina again confused and make her feel calm.

Theme and Genre

The theme of a story is the lesson or the message must learn more for reality life because the reality life has a many teaching in life. The theme is a life lesson that can be applied to a person’s life. The theme of a story is having a love, revenge and friendship. The love of a father and a friend who makes a person very happy so that she is moved because of the love and happiness in the whole life of a person who has many trials and tribulations in life. Revenge makes the situation worse and the goal is just to destroy people’s lives. The presence of self-revenge can kill a person to satisfy himself. The friendship that makes us still have a family other than our own flesh and blood. Friendship is always present in hugs and tears. A good friend just wants to see his friend happy and willing to risk life to save his friend’s life. 

The genre of story is dramatic.  A drama that has the life story of a girl who is facing various challenges. In this drama highlights the feelings of affection and sadness. Drama between a destroyer of people’s lives for their own satisfaction. This story also shows how cruel a woman is to abuse a child. With this drama story, many express all the feelings in a person’s life story. This drama story has many actions and using the feeling to how the real life makes a good drama story.

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