Two Finding and Evaluating the Right Marketing Opportunity




In a one- to two-page paper for each question, answer the following.

 When in the process of finding a new marketing opportunity, which of the structural changes (SECTR, pages

25–29 of the text) do you think are the most powerful? Which of the forces would you see as most compelling

or the ones you likely would gravitate toward as the basis for your new venture? Why? Make a chart of plusses

and minuses for each of the forces as the potential basis of a new venture (this chart can be a third page if


 Complete the Entrepreneurial Exercise on page 40. Be sure to consider the 12 aspects of the business model.

Plus be sure to add your assessment of the business model factors.

Please note: As this is a graduate-level class, it is expected all assignment

submissions will be presented in Microsoft Word in a professional manner and

include a title page. The student name is expected to be on every submission

for it to be considered complete and it is expected all assignments will be

formatted to cleanly fit on 8.5 x 11 paper when printed. If these requirements

are not met, the assignment will not be acceptable and at a minimum result in

a 15% penalty, if not returned. Also please remember graduate-level writing is

expected in all submissions. It is the student's responsibility to check the dropbox for any outstanding assignment requirements and to be sure the class

email address is accurate.

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