Why is the web not an archive in the traditional sense?

computer science


1. Why is the web not an archive in the traditional sense?

2.  What is the “rich get richer” view of the web? Describe an experiment that supports the “rich get richer” view of the web.

3.  How might the experience of a random surfer differ from that of a random searcher?

4.  Is the web democratic? Discuss why or why not.

5.  In what respect do search engines enjoy a very unusual position of power?

6.  Compare and contrast the “user predictability” and the “social justifiability” approaches to the issue of privacy

7.  What is the U.S.A. Patriot Act and how does it affect web search?


Investigate the privacy policy of major search engines (250-word so need to be to the point crisp n clear), it is based on the same chapter which is 6. The template is attached.

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