Case Study on Mini Case Consumerization of Technology at IFG

Smith, H. A., and J. D. McKeen. “Consumerization of Technology at IFG.” #1-L11-1-002, Queen’s School of Business, December 2009. Reproduced by permission of Queen’s University, School of Business, Kingston, Ontario.

“There’s good news and bad news,” Josh Novak reported to the assembled IT management team at their monthly status meeting. “The good news is that our social media traffic is up 3000% in the past two years. Our new interactive website, Facebook presence, and our U-Tube and couponing promotions have been highly successful in driving awareness of our ‘Nature’s Glow’ brand and are very popular with our target demographic—the under-30s. Unfortunately, the bad news is that our competitors at GPL are eating our lunch with the new mobile apps they’ve developed.”

  • Describe the problem at IFG as succinctly as you can. Use this description to identify the main stakeholders.
  • IFG can’t afford the resources to identify, define, cleanse, and validate all of its data. On the other hand, building yet another data mart to address a specific problem worsens the data situation. Propose a solution that will enable IFG to leverage a key business problem/opportunity using their BI tools that does not aggravate their existing data predicament.

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