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For this assignment, you are to ask yourself the question, “Who Am I?” After a period of

significant thought on the subject (i.e., some serious soul-searching), you will need to come up

with a list of ten different attributes about yourself. For example, you may list some positive

things, like “I am intelligent” or “I conform to social norms.”

You may also list some negative

things, like “I am not intelligent,” or “I deviate from social norms under certain conditions.” The

object of your list is to be honest with yourself. Do not try to paint a picture of your ideal self.

Instead, try to paint a picture of your real self. Make sure to identify the major attributes about

yourself on your list, both good and bad. Keep in mind that the overall goal of your list is to be

as honest as possible. From your list, develop a paragraph or two for each of the ten

characteristics you have identified about yourself. Make sure to explore why it is you think a

characteristic is good or why you think a characteristic is bad. 

Also make sure to try and identify

who or what may have influenced the development of each characteristic. For all of the ten

characteristics, identify the ones you would like to change, and also identify the characteristics

you do not want to change. Make sure to give a full and detailed explanation for why you would

want to change or not change certain characteristics. Be aware that in order to obtain the

maximum number of points for this assignment, you must fulfill all of these requirements!

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