Many overseas are dominated by the male population

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Many overseas are dominated by the male population. Women usually do not have a say

in anything that goes on in the country. Most of the women do not even work. The men in their

families are the bread winners while they are the homemakers. With all of that said, women are

still the ones with education, though. Most of the men do not know how to read and/or write. So,

their wives are there to assist them. It is almost as though the wives are good enough to that, but

not work outside of the household although their education level could possibly allow them to

bring in more money than their husbands. The United States is one of the few countries where

women actually have a say and are allowed to make important choices. The country is also one

of the few that allow women to hold managerial positions or even work at all. Although

American women are allowed to work and have privileges that women in other countries do not,

things are still not as easy for them in the workplace swing that the old time ways have a

tendency of being displayed in the present; meaning that the close minded mentality that women

should not hold executive roles in companies still rears its ugly head. Women have proven that

they are just as qualified as men to work and hold high positions, so there will be times when

companies may have to send staff as a global representation overseas to keep up the global

competition and run the international aspect of the company, and sometimes the personnel most

eligible for those types of positions are female executives that know the ins and outs of the

company. If this is the case, companies need to do research to ensure that when their female

employee travels overseas, they will be working within a safe environment and be able to get

their job done. The female executive should also be prepared to be challenged because in a

business where most of the employees are male and practically all positions held are by males as

well there will be challenges faced. The male population may not accept a female working must

less working in an executive position. This paper is going to bring into perspective what women

go through in the workplace and what issues are faced especially when the women travel to other

male dominated countries to work or even stay and work in their current place of employment.

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