What instrument is being used for the personality measure?



Problem: Assess association between leadership and personalities and employee ratings on the leadership performance. Sample is leadership working at a company in which they are employed. The employees will evaluate their leadership’s performance using a scale that rates very poor (represented by1) to exceptional (represented by 10) and 10 questions will be asked.


            a). Identify an appropriate instrument for personality assessment (needs to be around the   five-factor model of personality).


Link your responses to concepts and methodological terms


b). Find research to support literature that will support the first inquiry and come up with a research question for this scenario.


c)      Literature you use will be important to address the gaps and write about the impetus of this for this study.

d)     Elect your research design that applies to the above scenario and state why.


e). Originally, this scenario would have had 500 leadership employed at this company, but as a researcher you are limited to only 250 due to proposed budgets, so this is the sample size you have to work with. What procedures (sampling procedures) will you utilize for the leadership sample.


e)      Identify your IV, DV, and how to operationalize them for your study.

f)       What instrument is being used for the personality measure?

g)      Can you discuss Psychometric properties?


h)      Identify the null and alternative hypothesis(es) for this study.


i)        Identify covariates [minimal 3] that are very important to include in your study and why.


j)        Finally, what limitations of your research design may come about for this study?


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