How to write an article review

How to write an Article Review

Are you stressed because you don’t know how to write an article review? Don’t panic! Practice helps you out in article review writing. As a student, we understand it is a challenging task. But it is a great way to improve your reading, analytical, writing, and scientific skills. So let’s start!

Before getting straight to reviewing an article, you should have some knowledge of what an article review is. So, an article review is a study of writing when you compile and access someone else’s article.

It involves a sensible evaluation of the theme of an article i.e. when you evaluate another persona’s article then there should be some point of reviewing the article.

A review can be a critical review or it can be a literature review i.e. you may or may not agree with the point the writer has made in his/her article.

A critical analysis is a comprehensive type of text dealing with a particular article or book in detail.

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Types of article review-

1 Journal article reviewIn this, the reviewer evaluates the weakness and strengths of the publications. A well-qualified journal writer gives the reader an analysis that shows the article’s purpose.
2 Research article reviewIt evaluates the method of research used in the article. Also, review the authenticity of the information.
3 Science article reviewIt includes every topic in the area of science. Usually, scientific publications involve deep background information to use at the time of evaluation.
4 Critical book reviewA critical review includes the analysis of the particular book or article review in depth.
5 Literature reviewIt is a broader kind of review of a document.

An article review is an evaluation and summary of someone else’s work, and it has a particular format and some guidelines to write, which you have to follow to review an article. Here, in this blog, we will provide you a complete guide on how to write an article review.

Points to remember-
Writing must involve:

1. Evaluation, classification, judgments, comparison, and summarization.
2. Theories, research, ideas that are relevant to the article area must be used
3. It must remember that a review does not include the new information. Instead, it shows another writer’s work quality.

Tip- “Check the other review samples to understand how to write an article review in a better way.”

Reviewing an article is essential

  • Because it helps the readers to understand the indefinite terms.
  • Reviewing the article clarifies so many questions.
  • As the review provides suggestion or analysis of the article to the author and that assists or helps the author to execute the work in a better way next time.

How to write a Good article review: The pre-writing process

For reviewing an article in an excellent way, one should first prepare and then write the review.

And the formation of a review includes the following steps that you should follow: –

1st Step: – Understanding what the article review is.

You should never underestimate the viewers as the viewers of the review already has information and knowledge on the topic and is not the general audience.

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So first of all, you need to summarize all the main ideas of the article, the thoughts and all.

And you should also critique the participation of the matter and effectiveness of the field. The review of the article responds to the research of the authors and it does not include new analysis. The review assesses and summarizes the article.

2nd Step: – Identify the organization of the review article.

Before you even start to read the article you will review, you should know how your articles review will be set up and how does it work.

This will help you understand how to read the article. so that, you can get the maximum information out of it and write an effective review.

You should summarize the article and you should concentrate on the major points and information.

You should discuss the positive viewpoints of the article and think about what the author does well.

Identify all the contradictions and gaps in the text. You should also check if the author has done enough research on the topic he has written. And find if there are any questions left which are not being answered in the article.

3rd Step: – Preview the article

Start by looking at the tile of the article, abstract and introduction and the headings of each paragraph of the article and the conclusion which the author has concluded.

Read the first few paragraphs just to get the idea of what the author wants to say and the article’s main point.

These steps should help you get the brief idea of the article and you will surely get the bigger picture of what is going on in the article and what the author wants to say. And by doing this you will get the look of the overall argument.

As soon as you start getting the idea of what is going on in the article, start making notes of it and start writing the questions you have in mind. Try to look for the terms and concepts you are unknown with so that you can read about those concepts and get some knowledge about it before writing the review.

4th step: – Read the article carefully

Read the article very carefully just to make sure that you didn’t left any point the author wants to highlight.

Give it a few readings and the make notes of the essential sections. Just to highlight the main points and details.

Compare what you have read with to your actual understanding of the topic.

Pay careful attention to the meaning of the article. Make sure that you understand the article completely because half knowledge is the worst thing and by understanding the article completely you can write a good review.

5th Step: – Write the article in your own words.

 After reading the article and writing the important points you should write the article again but in your own words and keep it in mind that you write the entire essential points accurately and in a logical manner. So, that it becomes easier for us to get any sort of info from the article by doing this. And then you should review the summary to discard useless items if any.

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6th step: – Write an outline of your evaluation.

After, reading and writing the article in your own words review each and every detail in the article to discover.

Whether the author was correct and clear or not.

Write down all the instances of a productive script. And the articles that you feel, needs improvement with.

Create a record of strength and weaknesses. The strength of the article can be a clear summation of any particular issue.

And the list of weaknesses that may any kind of weakness like it is not providing any new information on the topic or any information that you feel like that they are contradicting the facts.

And then think about a few questions to help you critique and interconnect with the article: –

Here are some questions that you can think of to critique and engage with the article:-

  • What is the point of the article?
  • What is the theoretical structure and assumptions?
  • Does the author define the concepts clearly?
  • How satisfactory is the evidence?
  • Is there transparency in the author’s writing?
  • Transparency is the author’s writing?
  • Does it advance the knowledge of the subject or it’s just the knowledge we can find anywhere?

Format of article review: The format you must follow

1 Title page
2 Title ( Article name)
3 Your name
4 Date
5 Abstract
It must include around 200 to 30o words. It involves a review question summary, the study reviewed, and the study’s conclusions.

6 Introduction
It involves what the article contains. Also, it gives hints to the reader about the article and involves the background information to help the reader understand the article sections.

7 Body
It involves the main points in detail.

8 Conclusion
It sums up all the main points of your article review and states the article’s purpose.

9 Citation
You have to use a standardized reference system such as MLA, APA style, etc.

Format applications-
Articles are commonly written in newspapers, websites, and academic journals.

If you use APA styleIf you use MLA style
If you are using APA format, you have to write bibliographical entries like this-
1. Web-
Last name of the author, A.A (first or middle). (Year, Month, date of publication). Title (Mentioned link)
2. Journal-
Last name of the author, A.A (first or middle). Year of publication, Title, Volume (issue).
3. Newspaper-
Last name of the author, A.A (first or middle). (Year, Month, and publication date). Title of publication and magazine.
If you are using MLA format, you have to write bibliographical entries like this-
1. Web-
Mention Last, first, and middle name. Title of publication and website. Website publisher and published Date Month Year. Web. Date Month Year entered.
2. Newspaper-
Last, First M. “Title of publication.” Title of newspaper (city) published Date, Month, Year: Pages(s). Print.
3. Journal-
Last, First M. “Title of publication.” Title, the series volume of the journal. Issue (published year): Pages (s). Name of database. Web. Date Month Year entered.

Writing the article review – Step by Step Guide

Now the answer to your question about how to write an article review is here. Follow the steps while writing an article review-

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1st step: – Come up with a unique title for the review.  

The title you are thinking of giving to the review should consider the center of your review. You should choose between a declarative title, a descriptive title or interrogative title whichever suits the best according to your article needs.

2nd step: – Cite the article.

Under the title of the article, Place a complete reference of the article in the proper form and manner.  And then move to the next line to begin your article. And don’t skip a line between the citation and sentence.

3rd step: – Identify the article

After the title and summoning the article you should start your review by relating to the title you have chosen for your review and author of the article and the title of the publication. And the year in the article was published should be written in the first paragraph.

4th steps: – Write the introduction of the review

The introduction of the article review should have the identifying sentence. It should also mention the fundamental theme of the article and the main aspect of the article and the thoughts and the claims by the author.

You also need to pronounce the author’s opinion.

Sometimes, there are multiple viewpoints in the thesis and the thesis may not the clearly stated than in that case, you may have to determine the thesis yourself and should write it by your own understanding and your own point of view.

5th step: – Summarizing the article

Now you have to start summarizing the main details, thoughts, and conclusions of the article in your words, pointing to your summary for assistance.

Then show how the article supports its claims and conclusions. Make sure that you don’t forget to add the conclusions of the article. Moreover, This may be done in some paragraphs, and its length will depend on the conditions established by your publisher.

6th step: – Write the critique

Now, you have to use all your article study and you have to write how thoroughly the author addressed the topic, by using your judgment.

And you should also write your opinion on how precise and useful the explanation of the subject you found in the article.

Write if you agree with the writer’s point or not.

If yes, then provide the reasons why you support the writer and if not then give the reason behind your judgment.

And then indicate the type of audience that can get benefit from reading the article.

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7th step: – Write what you have concluded from the article review.

After compiling all the main points in a paragraph. Write your own opinion about accuracy and clarity and the significance of the article in that paragraph. You can also mention if that implication is connected or not.

The conclusion should always only be at max 10% of the overall essay.

Proofread the work you have done: The post-writing process

To ensure that there is no mistake in the review you have written, you should always check on grammar and mechanics and check if there should not be any mistake.

Remove all sort of unnecessary information. And just for the sake of a good review you should identify and discuss 3-4 critical issues in the article.

Example of an article review on global warming-
For the past many years, various specialists have discussed that global warming is an important issue. You can find the articles on this topic in international and American journals, for example, The American Journal of Climate Change, The International Journal of Global Warming, and The SciFed Journal of Global Warming. Choose the most compelling article, review the important points on global warming, and evaluate the supportive information.

Sum up-

We all know writing a compelling and well-formatted article review is a difficult task, but now from the above discussion, we hope you get the answer to your question about how to write an article review. It needs you to find the article from reliable sources, read it completely, analyze the information. So, follow the above steps carefully to write an impressive article review.

If you need any Article Review Help you can contact to Call Tutors. For more information, stay tuned with our blogs!

How can I make my article title?

The title of an article must be short and cover the original description of the content. For example, if you are writing an article review on a flop movie regarding the ship, you can create the title ” Latest movie sinks at the box office.”

Can I study more than one article while writing a review?

Yes, sure! But it must be connected to your study if you want to use it.

Can I add tables and figures in the article review?

Generally, you don’t want to add tables and figures in your article review. It is that type of writing where information from your viewpoint matters. But you can mention the tables and figures through references to the original work.

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